Dennis* is a 35-year-old man who used to love cooking for his family. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) sustained during a motor vehicle accident left Dennis with a difficult rehabilitation and many challenges to overcome.

Dennis’ food story

Dennis was referred to Charlene by his Occupational Therapist, who felt that cooking could be an important part of his client’s rehabilitation plan. Although Dennis’ brain injury prevented him from doing some tasks like using the stove and chopping vegetables, his family was happy to help him get back into the kitchen. Charlene met with Dennis and his family to discuss the types of meals they typically enjoyed and which ones they’d be interested in preparing together.

Good food advice

Together, they decided that Dennis would be responsible for preparing one meal a week, with assistance from his family. Charlene provided a variety of clear, easy-to-follow recipes that suited their tastes and interests. Many of the recipes didn’t require use of the stove or knives, enabling Dennis the freedom to prepare without any assistance. For the first few weeks, Charlene joined the family’s preparation session to help facilitate the process. During the follow-up visits, Charlene and the family were able to identify which recipes were too complex and how to adapt new recipes to work with Dennis’ particular limitations.

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*Client stories consist of a combination of client scenarios, issues and advice, and do not represent any one client. All advice is customized to each client’s particular condition and may not apply to all clients presenting with the same issue.