Picky Eating

Paul* is an active 3-year-old. Growing up, he ate a wide variety of foods and textures, but over time has gotten progressively more selective. Paul’s Mom was worried about him not meeting his daily nutritional requirements, and the decreasing variety of foods he was willing to eat.

Paul’s food story

Their visit began with Paul’s Mom sharing her concerns for Paul’s eating habits and health. A typical day would see Paul eat dairy, grains, and the occasional banana or strawberry, but rarely vegetables or meat. Mom and Dad had tried everything to get Paul to eat, including feeding him his “accepted” foods in front of the TV, and making themselves a separate dinner after he went to bed.

Good food advice

Paul needed more iron in his diet and a balanced variety of food to satisfy his hunger. Our customized plan included both nutritional and behavioural recommendations. Among the suggestions were giving Paul iron-fortified cereals until more meat could be introduced, and eating together at the dinner table. Offering “accepted” foods along with the family meal would help introduce new tastes and add structure to meal times, while praise for trying a new food would encourage repeat behaviour. A follow-up visit enabled us to review Paul’s progress and offer additional suggestions and encouragement.

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*Client stories consist of a combination of client scenarios, issues and advice, and do not represent any one client. All advice is customized to each client’s particular condition and may not apply to all clients presenting with the same issue.